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UK Ophthalmology and Vision Science Research Highlights

The UK over-performs and is a world leader in biomedical research – of the top 10 universities, 3 are British.

UK eye researchers are at the forefront of rapidly evolving fields including genetics (Bhattacharya, Moore, Hammond), first in human gene therapy (Ali, Bainbridge, McLaren), stem cell therapy (Coffey, Da Cruz), robotic surgery (McLaren) and laser technology (Marshall – excimer).

More genes for hereditary retinal degenerations have been identified in the UK than any other nation including the US.

Moorfields Eye Hospital, the UCL Institute of Ophthalmology and their joint NIHR Biomedical Research Centre facilitate and enable UK eye and vision research, and are the most productive global site by peer-reviewed research output. CWUR ranked UCL world number 1 for Ophthalmology.

The NHS is arguably the largest modern, centralised healthcare system in the world, allowing ambitious data linkage studies of health outcomes. UK Biobank is an unparalleled research resources and contains rich data on eye and vision phenotypes, as well as details on other health traits. Other large cohorts contain detailed eye data, including EPIC Norfolk, the 1958 cohort, NICOLA and Twins UK.