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regional education advisers

College Tutors

The College values the work carried out by its tutors and has a number of resources available to them. College Tutors (CTs) have overall responsibility as lead trainers for the postgraduate training in the unit and are the point of contact with the Royal College.  They are an important component to the delivery of a

Regional Education Advisers

Regional Education Advisers are appointed by the Council to act on behalf of the College. Their responsibilities include: maintaining a College presence in the region being the first point of contact for College Tutors and leading the appointment process promoting high standards of ophthalmology in the region through training, education and research providing information and

Ophthalmic Directory

The Ophthalmic Directory is regularly updated and provides a one-stop source of information about who represents RCOphth in each region. Ophthalmic Specialty Training was introduced in 2007 and has become a well-organised scheme taking trainees from Foundation Year to inclusion on the Ophthalmic Specialist Register. The development of Schools of Ophthalmology within Deaneries has centralised