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Research changes lives - the ABC of ophthalmic statistics

Start: 4th November 2020

Type: Seminar

Description: This symposium is offered over two days (3 & 4 November 2020), although each day may be booked independently. Day one gives an overview of research and day two focuses on the use of ophthalmic statistics. The aim is to provide clinicians with an introduction to evidence based ophthalmology through: 1. an overview of research design and implementation, appropriate statistical approaches and evidence appraisal and synthesis; 2. an opportunity to embed learning by discussion of research ideas at an early stage . Target audience: Any clinician with an interest in undertaking research or applying research evidence to improve their practice and services. There will be a discussion session each day based on prepared case studies and opportunities for participants to discuss their research with faculty members. Day 1 ‘Practice changing research: An overview of research design and implementation, evidence appraisal and synthesis’. Day 2 ‘The ABC of ophthalmic statistics: An overview of the role of statistics in ophthalmic research and use of appropriate approaches to statistical analysis.’

Max Places: 60

Venue: Royal College of Ophthalmologists

Allied professions - £165.00
Non RCOphth member consultant - £250.00
RCOphth member (including Member, Affiliate or Diplomate) - £190.00
Non RCOphth member ophthalmologist - £210.00
RCOphth member consultant - £230.00
Ophthalmic trainee - £165.00