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For enquiries to the RCOphth

Please be advised that The Royal College of Ophthalmologists does not provide a clinical advice service nor can we help with issues or complaints in relation to the NHS or private practice. We are unable to recommend ophthalmic surgeons or expert witnesses. Visitors to our website can find further information about the role of the RCOphth in the ‘For Patients‘ section, including frequently asked questions.


Contact staff

RCOphth Congress and Events
T. 020 3770 5329
E. events@rcophth.ac.uk

CPD and e-portfolio
T. 020 3770 5342
E. portfolio@rcophth.ac.uk
E. cpd@rcophth.ac.uk

Membership accounts and subscriptions
T. 020 3770 5353
E. membership@rcophth.ac.uk

CESR, dual sponsorship, MTI and evaluation of training
T. 020 3770 5354
E. equivalence@rcophth.ac.uk  

Awards and scholarships, College Tutors and Regional Education Advisors
T. 020 3770 5359
E. education@rcophth.ac.uk

Skills Courses, Hiring of the Skills Centre, Simulator Bookings
T. 020 3770 5341
E. Skills.centre@rcophth.ac.uk

T. 020 3770 5355
E. exams@rcophth.ac.uk

RCOphth main website, College News, Eye-Mail
T. 020 3770 5330
E. communications@rcophth.ac.uk

Venue hire and facilities inquiries
T. 020 3770 5346
E. facilities@rcophth.ac.uk

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